5 Benefits of Blogging for Business

If you are new in the online space and trying to start an online career. Being an online entrepreneur takes time and will have a lot of hardships.

This is almost similar to the capacity of setting up a traditional business. The journey to success may even take more than a month, a year or two but the success is rewarding.

As a starter who wishes to become a blogger, this would be a platform that you cannot miss having. And when you have become an authority in blogging the product or services in your niches, this is a will be a long term community that you cannot miss investing.

In this post, I will share who are the bloggers and why is it important to blog.

Who Are the Bloggers in the Online Entrepreneurs World?

5 Benefits of Blogging for Business

The online Entrepreneur’s world is filled with all walks of life.

There are businessmen, lawyers, real estate agents, doctors, engineers, teachers, coaches, book writers, marketers, students, and many more who considered themselves voices that need to be heard.

For their voices to be heard, sometimes they turn to someone such as their colleagues, friends, and family to obtain their opinions or perhaps sign-up for a forum or discussion groups relating to their voices to verify or to get supportive confirmation of what they think is true or not.

In the world of information that is currently driving us through the Internet, newspaper, podcast, and magazines, it is hard to find correct answer to the thinking we project.

Hence, the Internet has slowly being recognized by the people from with the profession to develop their voices to be heard by the right audience.

The has created many digital nomads nowadays we called `Online Entrepreneurs’ which has created opportunity for themselves to become an expert in their own fields.

Not only that, they also find benefits in blogging when it comes to sharing their ideas, voices and consultation which helped them to convert or monetize their blog site into earning money.

The benefits of blogging would certainly give an authority space in the area of an expert mindset.

Benefits of Blogging

The businessman would normally be at the online space blogging about their interest in how they can bring new products or services penetrate into the marketplace fast.

When it comes to marketing and making their products or services to be known for the right audience, especially for small businesses, blogging is the fastest method of making their products known to the market.

5 Benefits of Blogging for Business

5 Benefits of Blogging for Business

Benefits of Blogging for Business No.1 – Create Opportunities For Sharing With The Like-Minded Audience.

– Every time when we blog, we create an opportunity for our audience to have an opportunity to share our blog with others.

Whether they link our blog post using social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, tumblr, snapchat, Google plus, Instagram or Pinterest, it is all considers free marketing and it further validates our credibility of the new product or services that we are going to market.

Benefits of Blogging for Business No.2 – Develop Relationships And Ideas Relating To New Products Or Services With New and Existing Customers.

– Blogging allows us to connect with our current site audience who visited our sites that product or services intrigue them when they perform a search I through search engines.

Where this can be accomplished by asking our readers or audiences questions at the end of our posts to kick-start conversation on specific product or services by simply allowing comments and feedback.

– By reviewing and responding to readers’ comments, we can then create a rapport with our audience, build trust, confirmation on the new product or services and gain valuable insight what audiences are currently looking in the marketplace.

Benefits of Blogging for Business No.3 – Develop Brand By Connecting To The Like-Minded Audience.

– As we read and see postings in other blogs, we would tend to allow our personal side of view to show interest in the new products or services created by the owner.

This gives them the opportunity to give their perspectives or comments on the products or services that develop for our business.

– Blogger also tends to give strong perspectives and current trends of the products or services that we offer in the marketplace.

Blogging would result in giving a sense of direction of the products or services in our business and it gives corporate standards, vision and unique personality of our business or the business that we are helping to market.

Benefits of Blogging for Business No.4 – Establish Our Business As An Industry Leader In New Product Or Services.

– Without having to worry about how big or small our business in the marketplace, when we start to blog, the creation of mass movement in to build a brand for the new product or services will definitely happen.

– When the trust and clout or authority is built within our industry by providing valuable, expert information in our blog posts. Over time, we can become a helpful resource, informative content, which can ultimately lead to higher customer conversion rates.

– This is certainly important for small businesses who are looking to gain credibility and to create enhance the current products or services that we offer in the marketplace.

Benefits of Blogging for Business No.5 – Low Cost Or No Cost Investment

– A lot of time, when a traditional business trying to look for ways to reach the right audience in the marketplace, they generally invest into some marketing programs or advertising companies which will help them to reach their specific audience on their product launch.

– Normal marketing programs or advertisement companies would charge high consultation fees. This generally depends on what type of audience we want to reach and what are the mediums such as TV, newspapers, or magazines to reach their audience.

These marketing programs or advertisement companies have data types on a specific audience, demographics, test data, and ways of mediums that are potentially able to reach the targeted audience relevant to the products or services we offer.

– When we go by traditional business marketing route, generally it will take time and spend higher marketing cost of investment, given the fact all the marketing materials are ready to be used to do new product launches with laser targeted audience.

– As compare to setting up our blog, we can take a low cost or no cost approach to marketing our new products or services launch in the marketplace. When we have our blog, we can be interacting with the audience that we want to market our products or services.

– With a blog site, we can form a direct communication with the consumers or audience without having to spend the high cost and time reading and understanding marketing reports traditional marketing or advertisement companies.

– When we have the right audience stop by our blog site, they potentially leave a comment on our blog site, if the product or services is interesting in what they search for from the Internet search engines.

– Then search engines will literally optimize their search results and would return the search result to the right audience who is looking at the type of same products or services that the search engines find.

– Search engines would then return the new publication and fresh content from our blog site (as search engines like a lot of new or unique content) to the targeted audience.

– And by blogging consistently, we give search engines how much demand for the product or services that we offer in the marketplace.

This would potentially help small businesses to lower their marketing cost or even spend no money on marketing their new product or services in the marketplace.

– So, by blogging, it can be quite a powerful tool for small business. And it can also bring long-term profits as it will help our business to continue to improve using blog post data for the next product launch.

Content is King When Writing a Blog.

5 Benefits of Blogging for Business

When writing a blog, we need to ensure content is unique, and relevant to the topic of the niche we are writing.
There always a tendency of copying and improvising content from other blog content when we create a new post, but this would not be unique.

Readers always curious about reading new stories, learning new things, and be the first to know about something they find interesting to read.

So good content always highly searched and when it is a content that even able to contribute value o learn something, it is a great content.

A site with great content does have a potential for audience whom has visited the site, would want to come back again to look for fresh content, and might eventually subscribe for newsletter to keep them posted with the latest posting.

Therefore, having a site with a unique content can help to build a good rapport, and maintain a good relationship with the audience. This audience would eventually become a tribe that is being created for the niche that we are trying to pitch or sell.

Curate means to put together or organize a content from other blog sites and produce a content for that is relating to the niche that a blogger trying to blog.

This is quite in the blogging industry and is a strategy for them to get rank quicker through SEO (Search Engine Optimization) from search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.

It is not wrong to create new blog post or even creating an e-book using this method to curate information.

But this will not contribute value to the audience when they read it and may not return to read the content from the site, as they are repeated information from other site.

A good content is a content that is able to contribute a long-lasting relationship with the audience and serve them with great value. When a great value converts, it only means one thing, we are earning online income on the niche we pitch or sell.

The audience does not like to be fool around with typical content that is not giving value. When they reach the site, constructing a great content with repeated content from other blogs, they will click-away from the site and move on to another site.

Content is king whether you are blogging, vlogging or podcasting. Even when you are trying to pitch or sell a niche that is not having a lot of demand but already in the mainstream to take that particular niche industry by storm in the next up-coming months, it is worth to blog on it.

As you will be seen as the authority in that manner on this type of niche when more demand is looking for this niche.

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