1) Starting A Transcription Business

Starting A Transcription Business

There has been a huge new demand for independent, home-based transcription services which is mainly due to the Internet.

Professionals and a large variety of business people are looking for private transcriptionists who can process their audio and videotape jobs on a recurring basis.

A transcriptionist is a person who can type word for word from a tape or digital file.

This demand presents a remarkable opportunity for people who want to work for themselves in a home-based business.

If you want a career that gives you flexible hours, where you can be your own boss, work from the comfort of your own home and earn $25.00 to $35.00 an hour, then you should consider starting your own Transcription business.

What You Need To Be A Transcriptionist

This new business venture calls for very little start-up requirements or any special training courses in general transcription (you need courses in specific vocabulary terms for other types of transcribing work).

There are excellent books available on how to start your own transcription business which includes great information on how to start and maintain a booming and lucrative transcription business. Some local colleges offer online courses in transcription as well.

You should have a good typing speed, first-rate proofreading skills, be self-motivated, a good vocabulary and the capability to work under pressure.

Other essential qualities needed are good judgment, the right equipment, organizational abilities and a positive approach.

You only need a computer and dictaphone or transcriber (a special tape player) for equipment.

The dictaphone comes with a foot pedal and a headset which is used to listen to taped recordings. To transcribe digitally recorded dictation a wav pedal and associated software are used.

It is very important to have a professional website to represent your home-based business.

Your prospective clients will get their first impression of you from your website and they will decide whether to hire you for the job or not.

Your website will be used in marketing your business and send clients your way. If you are not familiar with creating a website, it will be a good investment on your part to hire a qualified person to create this website.

Start A Transcription Business Growing Your Transcription Business Over Time

Once you have purchased your equipment and set up your home office, you are on your way to having your own business.

The need for general transcriptions is excellent and this allows you take on a variety of different clients. But you may want to branch out and try legal or medical transcription.

This will require that you take courses in the terminology used in these two fields. You many decide to stick with general transcribing but specialize in a certain field such as real estate, insurance or advertising.

With hard work and dedication, you can make a secure income transcribing general, law enforcement, legal and/or medical documents from home.

It is your decision on the amount of money you will earn by the number of hours you are willing to dedicate to your work, your advertising methods and the dedication to making your business enterprise a thriving accomplishment.

Recommend Resources For Starting A Transcription Business

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This Comprehensive Guide contains all the necessary tools and strategies you need to successfully launch and grow your transcription business. It is aimed at medical transcription but contains the information need to grow any transcription business.

I highly recommend you consider this book as your next step to preparing yourself to start making money as a transcriptionist.

2) Making Money With Options Trading

Making Money With Options Trading

An Option is a contract between a buyer and a seller. This contract gives the buyer the benefit of buying or selling a stock at a set price within a precise period of time.

Trading Options are the most adaptable trading instrument existing. If you know how to Trade Options you can make money on trades even when you are 100% wrong on a stock. You can act in response to stock movements instead of trying to guess stock movements.

As an Options Trader, you can work from a home and be your own boss while you make a consistent profit from your trading. Options trading can earn you a substantial amount of return on your invest in a small amount of time.

What You Need To Be An Options Trader

Options trading is very powerful and complicated.

You will need to have a firm knowledge of Options trading before starting in the business.

There are weekend seminars available where you can learn the basics of Options trading to make sure it is the career you want to pursue.

You can find numerous online courses and books available to help you learn the skills you need as an Options Trader. You should also have a good understanding of investing to be successful as a trader.

A good way to start is by opening an online Options trading account with a broker and then practice by buying put and call options for stocks.

Put Options give the holder the right to sell the asset for a set price. Call Options give the holder the right to purchase the asset for a specified price.

When you become skilled in the basics, you will definitely earn profits over and over again. Once you have mastered trading call and put options, you can move on to more difficult option tactics.

One important item to remember is to use only the money you can afford to lose.

Growing Your Options Trading Business Over Time

Education is the key factor to developing your business over time. You have to be constantly learning new tactics and to take advantage of all the latest trading tools offered on the market.

The success of your business is based solely on your knowledge and expertise.

Thriving Traders are those who persist in studying and expanding new trading methods.

With the new knowledge and skills you are continuing to learn, you will gain the confidence to attain diverse investment objectives. You can now make money and guard your investments by using the power of options.

Options trading is definitely about comprehending the world market, possessing an upper hand and carrying out a strategy.

To be a good Options Trader you need to know the importance of the good trading tactics which have low risk and have worked countless times. This is the bases of all successful trading plans.

Good Luck in your new career as an Options Trader.

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This comprehensive manual contains all the necessary tools and strategies you need to successfully make money trading options. I highly recommend you consider this book as your next step to preparing yourself to start Making Money Options Trading.

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3) Starting A Professional Organizing Business

Starting A Professional Organizing Business

People do not always have time to do everything themselves.

They are willing to pay someone to help with organizing their homes or their offices. The Professional Organizing business is a growing new service and one which will continue to be in high demand.

Professional Organizers are employed by companies or individuals to systematize their office or their residence; perhaps even to organize their time, fiancés, or projects.

If you love to organize and can come up with first-rate answers to meet your customer’s requests, you can be a very successful Profession Organizer.

If you are ready to apply your organizational skills to a business of your own, want to make a good living, want to work from home and be your own boss than a Professional Organizing Business is just right for you.

You can start off earning $35 to $50 per hour. As a Professional Organizer, you can either provide clients with ideas to assist them in becoming organized or complete all the organizing yourself.

What You Need To Be A Professional Organizing

You do not need a large amount of money to invest in a Professional Organizing Business.

If desired, you can work at your present job until you are established in the business. There are great courses you can take online to help you get started in the Professional Organizing Business.

Through these courses you will gain knowledge on how to start a Professional Organizing Business, what to charge a client, how to advertise for clients, how to organize homes and offices, how to organize clutter and filing systems, time management, area planning and storage space ideas.

Remember there are three basic steps to follow when working on a project; removing the items from the disorderly space, organizing the items and returning the items into the organized spaces.

Check into what type of license is required in your area by contacting the local business association. You need to pick a name for your business. It is a good idea to create a basic business plan.

A good way to start is by doing test projects for your family and friends. You should take before and after pictures to use in your advertising.

Growing Your Professional Organizing Business Over Time

Decide if you want to do all types of organizing or specialize in-home or office organizing. If you specialize in homes, you will be working with individuals in their homes.

If you specialize in offices, you will be helping businesses get their offices in ship-shop condition.

You need to increase advertising by creating business cards, flyers, brochures and a website, place ads for your business in newspapers and websites.

It would be a good idea to join a Professional Organizers website; so that you are listed in a directory, gain support from other members and take part in classes being offered.

Concentrate on using your organizational skills to educate your clients on what to do with their belongings, introduce them to organizing practices and set up systems to uphold the completed projects.

The Professional Organizing Business is an extremely satisfying career where you will be using your creative skills in assisting clients organize their homes and offices.

Recommend Resources For Starting A Professional Organizing Business

Becoming a Professional Organizer Start-Up Guide Kit™ – Click Here For More InfoBecoming a Professional Organizer Start-Up Guide Kit™

This Comprehensive Start-Up Guide Kit contains all the necessary tools and strategies you need to successfully launch and grow your Organizing business.

It also includes all of the necessary forms that are needed to operate a Professional Organizing Business including many financial forms, example business letters and a complete business plan.

4) Becoming A Business Broker

Becoming A Business Broker

Learn To Be A Business Broker And Start Your Own Business

A Business Broker works as the middle person between the vendor and the purchaser. They work with business owners to sell their businesses. This is an extremely rewarding and profitable profession.

This somewhat new profession is becoming well known as a high-income business. In fact, you can start this business from your home with little or no cash.

You can establish a thriving business and build a fantastic life for you and your family.

If you are organized, a good problem solver, have good people skills and want to earn a high income while working from home, then a Business Broker career is for you.

What You Need To Be A Business Broker

As a Business Broker, you can start your business while working at your regular job until you are established in your new career. This will give you a chance to build your business and have cash in the bank.

Sales experience is a definite asset when going into the Business Broker industry. You will be spent your day selling yourself to business owners to choose you to sell their business. Then you will be selling to prospective buyers.

You will need knowledge of the industry and training in this field to start your own business as a Business Broker.

Some of the things you should learn are:

  • The quickest way to recognize a person who is looking to sell their business,
  • How to evaluate and set a price on a business to guarantee a speedy sale,
  • The most resourceful path to follow to find buyers for the business,
  • How to follow the same procedures as the successful Business Brokers so that you are a success, too.

If you have the determination, ambition, and purpose, this will take you a long way in making your business a huge success.

Start A Business Brokering Business Today Growing As a Business Broker Over Time

Make a number of sales before investing any money. Once you are confident of your abilities, it is time to organize a marketing plan and concentrating on advertising.

At this point, you may want to expand by hiring other Brokers to work with you and continue to grow as big as you want.

You might want to move from your home and set up an office or keep working on your own from home.

Here are a few of the options you can use to expand your business over time:

  • Concentrate on the sale of small businesses. You can charge commission fees on the sale price or set a minimum fee,
  • Contact other brokers and make co-brokering arrangements,
  • Maintain good relations with repeat clients,
  • Help finance the properties you are selling to earn extra fees.

Remember it is important to upgrade your education constantly, join a Business Brokers Association, and purchase magazines and journals that contain articles in your particular field.

As a Business Broker, you will be involved in an amazing industry and will soon discover that there are no bounds to the sum of

Recommend Resources For Becoming a Business Broker

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Rudy LeCorps

This book has the information you will need to start and run a successful business brokering business. Learn from the author’s years of experience.

I highly recommend you consider this book as your next step to preparing yourself to start your very own Money Making Business Brokering Business.

5) Starting A Real Estate Foreclosure Business

Starting A Real Estate Foreclosure Business

Property foreclosures are on the rise and breaking record numbers right now.

Because of the assertive lending practices, many people are finding the possibility of meeting their mortgage payments unbearable.

Thus, the banks and other mortgage lenders are foreclosing on properties.

Results from a recent study have shown an increase of 93% over the last year. Foreclosure Investing is one of the most lucrative areas of real estate today.

You too can start this exciting and rewarding career. Besides embarking on a very profitable career path, there are other advantages as well; such as operating your foreclosure investing business from your own home, being your own boss and working your own hours.

What You Need To Be Real Estate Foreclosure Investor

If you have the right coach and techniques to follow, foreclosure investing is rather easy. You do not need any previous experience or knowledge of the business.

It does not matter where you are located. A degree is not a requirement and you do not need money for backing.

What you do need is desire, perseverance and a positive mind-set to make this into a booming business venture.

One way to learn the business is through reading. There are my online books that have excellent training.

Check out the bookstores and read all the books your can get your hands on. You can attend seminars, concentrated workshops, training sessions and courses that are available in your community.

You will learn how to negotiate with the homeowners who are going into foreclosure, how to fill out the paperwork involved, find properties in pre-foreclosure, negotiate with banks, how to fiancé the properties and how to sell the house swiftly to make a good return.

Growing Your Real Estate Foreclosure Business Over Time

You will learn that there are four methods of carrying out a Foreclosure Investment:

The pre-foreclosure-The lender has notified the owner that the outstanding payment is due on a certain date.

The property is sold at a public auction-The The property must be sold to the highest bidder.

Short Sale-You bargain directly with the bank to have the loan balance lowered. This is a good way for you to gain more equity in the home.

The bank must buy the property itself if the property is not sold at public auction.

These four are the main and most fundamental foreclosure investment opportunities in the market.

If you have the right tactic prepared and the feel for a successful transaction, you can make vast amounts of money in your new career. You will learn how to use all these methods to your advantage.

You will learn that it does not matter the condition of the property as all mortgages can be obtained at a cheaper price. You will learn how to build a strong case to the lender to get that discount you are after.

Work hard, find out everything you need to know about the Foreclosure Investing market and you will have a very rewarding and profitable business.

Recommend Resources For Starting A Real Estate Foreclosure Business

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This Comprehensive Start-Up Guide Kit contains all the necessary tools and strategies you need to successfully launch and grow your real estate foreclosure business.

It also includes all of the necessary contracts and forms that are needed to operate a Foreclosure Business including many financial forms, example business letters and a complete business plan.

6) Starting A Medical Transportation Business

Starting A Medical Transportation Business

As the aged population is rapidly growing, starting a medical transportation business is a wonderful investment.

This type of support is in such demand that elderly people, nursing facilities, hospitals and so one need your services to help them meet their increasing requirements.

The need is so great and increasing rapidly, people will be calling you to arrange medical transportation.

Medical transportation is non-emergency transportation. It is the transportation of the elderly in need of aid who want to move from one place to another.

The client needs more help than they would receive if they use a taxi or another related service. They may be in stretchers, wheelchairs, or just need help to get to medical appointments or to other functions. This type of service is also known as an ambulette service.

What You Need To Be In The Medical Transportation Business

There is no special life-saving equipment or training required which makes this a business that anyone can start.

The medical transportation business is very easy to administer. You need a vehicle with a ramp or a lift to make it possible for the client to get easily into the vehicle.

If you want, you can start small at first with one vehicle and the means for the client to contact you and set up times. A cell phone would work very well for this; as you can have it with you at all times.

You have to pick a name to call your new medical transportation business. Make arrangements for insurance and be sure to look around to get the best possible insurance at the best rates available.

Also, purchase a business license for your medical transportation business.

The method of payments from your clients will have to be decided upon and arranged.

Some people like to be invoiced, others prefer to pay on the spot and others will want to use a credit card. In some countries, Medicaid and Social Assistance will pay for this type of service.

You need to promote your business to get it up and running. Promoting business yourself is an excellent way.

Get out there, talk to people, be noticed, approach a particular group of people such as hospitals, nursing homes, and different types of medical centers and seniors who want assistance in getting to different events.

Growing Your Medical Transportation Business Over Time

Through hard work and dedication, you can develop a very rewarding and prosperous business.

You can now expand your medical transportation business by setting up office space, hiring good employees and purchasing more vehicles to meet the growing demand of your business.

But remember the most important part of your business is your clients. Make your clients the focal point of your business and when you do this you will have happy and loyal customers.

By giving the client a first-class service, they will continue to call you when they need transportation and they will tell their friends about your service.
This business can be a very profitable business venture for you to undertake. It can be extremely rewarding in the fact that you have a business that is seriously needed and significantly valued by your customers. Good Luck!

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This book will provide you with step by step instructions on how to set up and run a profitable medical transport service.

I highly recommend you consider this book as your next step to preparing yourself to start your very own Money Making Medical Transportation Business.

7) Starting A Jewelry Booth Business

Starting A Jewelry Booth Business

Do you love to make your own jewelry? Are you receiving compliments and suggestions about selling your creations? Or perhaps you do not make jewelry but want to learn how and then sell your work.

If you answer yes to the above questions, you should open a jewelry booth business. Growing this kind of business is easy as long as you dedicate and willing to work towards your goal.

What You Need To Know To Start A Jewelry Booth Business

Learning how to make jewelry is not hard but it does take some practice. There are numerous resources available with detailed instructions on how to make jewelry.

To start making jewelry you do not need to have a lot of equipment and it does not require a lot of space in your home.

If you have already made jewelry, you would have most of the tools required and probably a supply of your handmade jewelry ready to go.

Your jewelry should be exclusive and different from what you would find elsewhere. People go to the shows to find unusual pieces that no else will have.

Most people are looking for something special.

Pick a catchy name for your business and have business cards or tags made so that customers remember who you are. If your customers are happy with your jewelry, they will look for you at future shows.

Accepting credit cards is imperative to selling your jewelry. Lots of people do not carry cash with them. Free gift wrapping will increase sales or beautiful little pouches will also be a good selling feature.

You should attend a few shows and do a walkthrough to see how the booths are set up and what jewelry is being sold.

Once you have done the necessary research and feel you have a supply of jewelry made, you are ready to do your first show.

Growing Your Jewelry Booth Business Over Time

Develop a schedule to make sure everything gets completed in time for the shows, that things are done in the right sequence and in ample time prior to the shows. This schedule will become a very important device to guarantee the success of your shows.

You will learn the best shows to enter and the displays that attract the most customers, as well as the type of products the customers are looking for at the shows.

It is very important to be constantly developing your skills for making and selling jewelry. Keep learning and investigating new techniques and designs for your jewelry.

You should try to have new products available to your customers at each show. Try to use designs that differ from other jewelry artists. People are looking for originality in the product they are about to purchase.

To make a success of your jewelry booth business, you should follow your creative spirit and make wise business decisions, study jewelry crazes and fashion, learn everything you can about jewelry making supplies, set up your business records so that you stay structured, and focus on the demands of your customers.

Making the customer happy is your key to a profitable business.

Make Money Jewelry Booth Plus Image Recommend Resources For Starting A Jewelry Booth Business

This book will teach you step-by-step practical advice on starting and operating your own successful jewelry booth business.

I highly recommend you consider this book as your next step to preparing yourself to start your very own Money Making Jewelry Booth Business.

8) Starting A Scrapbooking Business

Starting A Scrapbooking Business

Scrapbooking has been a very popular hobby nowadays, considered by many people to be very relaxing, fun and even addictive to spend leisure time.

This hobby not only makes your social gatherings be more colorful by sharing your scrapbooks with guests and relatives this hobby could also turn into your money-making machine, a business with great potential and demand that could combine your love to create these beautiful works of art and the earning potential of a business.

What You Need To Be A Scrapbooking Instructor

This is a very lucrative business that could be fueled by your love in creating scrapbooks that could last and be a lasting memory for other people.

People have tons of pictures, mementos and memorabilia in their homes that they want to keep reminding them of very important events in their lives that they would always want to go back to and relive the moments.

But most people don’t have the time, money or even the confidence to start making their own scrapbooks.

People are very willing to pay people to do the work for them, this is where you come in and the opportunities start.

People consider these items to be priceless windows to the past, the would always remind them of something, someone or an important event, scrapbooks would certainly be a great answer to this and you can make money by doing these people some service in lieu to what you actually love to do.

Formal education in this kind of business is not required but many community courses about scrapbooking would certainly give you an edge by having knowledge of current trends and materials that are more commonly used, giving you more ideas to play around within creating a one-of-a-kind scrapbook for every customer.

Dedicate a space in your home to be your workplace and organize your supplies and tools to make work easier, you can get better deals with your supplies by buying wholesale packages, the internet are abundant of sources and could be fast and efficient in shipping you your needs.

Starting this business is easy if you plan ahead and lay out what you want to do and achieve in the future, laying your plans well and even putting into place back-up plans and alternatives would give you a better chance at succeeding in this endeavor.

Plan an overview of financial information, income and expense projections, marketing ideas, local competition statistics and realistic growth rates.

Taking into account this important details that you need to tackle when you get to start this business would be a great advantage in making the right decisions, when almost every aspect has been analyzed its easier to focus on the creative side of the business and be more confident about the management part.

Remember to advertise and market your business, this could easily determine the growth of your new business.

As of any business quality of products and service is top priority but having customers and clients to avail of the services and products will make it succeed.

These are the building stumbling blocks of any business; you can always start out by spreading through word of mouth. Satisfied clients would always be happy to recommend a friend or relative to you.

But don’t stop here try to advertise in newspapers and send flyers in your neighborhoods’ doors.

Growing Your Scrapbooking Business Over Time

After establishing a good consumer base, its time to make your business grow, you have planned a course of action for your business but don’t be afraid to incorporate changes and innovations.

It is in this point in time when you have understood how the business runs that you can easily make a good decision in what path of growth and development you will take.

Expansion is a great option, by hiring more people you could take more projects and steadily increase the rate you gain profit.

Another good alternative is educating people about scrapbooking, you can earn from giving lessons to people who are interested in learning more about scrapbooking.

Many people think that giving out your secrets in making your scrapbooks would be bad for business, but on the contrary, these people would consider you an expert in this department and would certainly trust you to do their scrapbooks rather than do it themselves.

Test your creative thumb; this might be your ticket to a better financial abundance.

Recommend Resources For Starting A Scrapbooking Business

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To learn all the ins and outs that will help make your scrapbooking business a success I highly recommend you consider this book. It provides specific tips, tools and techniques on starting and running a scrapbooking business and making money while doing it.

9) Starting An Export Business

Starting An Export Business

The export business has been around for quite some time, it has been the reason for the exploration of new territories and lands, to sell products.

This same business has fuelled wars to be fought and in the end, establish international business relationships.

Export is considered to be one of the earliest forms of business in the world, a traditional business to introduce new products to other countries.

Transfer of goods to other countries to be sold could be a great business to start on a smaller scale. In this new age of technology exporting for small scale businesses is a myth and would today be possible through the power of the internet.

What You Need To Be An Exporter

Starting out in this business, planning is always essential. Research and obtain information. Learning and education are always the foundation of a great business.

Success and failure in any business are natural but gaining information and learning the tools of the trade would lessen the chances of your business ending up in failure.

This kind of business also requires great dedication; make sure you are determined in pursuing this business venture.

Investment is also a great consideration in this business. But starting small is very possible with the use of the internet.

Know the theory of export and trading. Know the language and terminologies of the trade business. Educate yourself on the laws, rules, and regulations that may affect your business and which you have to acquire to operate.

It is also possible to start out in practical training or apprenticeship, you can learn valuable things from veterans of the business helping you follow the right decisions and avoid their mistakes.

This business is also fuelled by contacts, having numerous and reliable contacts could spell success and failure in your business.

Establish contacts well, relationships with contacts can simply give your business a better chance in the market.

Research what products or services are needed and demanded. Look for countries that have a certain demand and stuffy how you might bring the products to them.

Sources and availability should also be considered, if a certain product is abundant in your country, other countries could have a shortage and therefore a high demand for the product.

This information would simply give you a better perspective in making plans and executing your plans for exporting.

Growing Your Export Business Over Time

Today This business has great potential for expansion and growth.

This kind of business would require traveling abroad, to countries you need to make business with, but nowadays it has all been cut down and simplified.

Technology has played a great role in breaking down the barriers of distance and communication.

The internet has provided a venue for marketing and communication, making it easier to connect with contacts and make arrangements for your business.

You could even settle for online marketing, with more and more people turning to the internet for resources and products it’s a great way to get your products noticed abroad.

Deals and transactions are now easier with the accessibility of the internet, making the product of your choice up for grabs in the internet; it would be easier to find people to buy what you want to sell abroad.

Develop a website for your business. This is almost a sure-fire investment making your business more known, to a lot of firms and other businesses.

Through this technology you could reach out to your clients and even your suppliers easily.

This avenue will surely give you more options in terms of marketing, communication customer service and more.

The export business would only require your dedication, a little investment to get started and rolling.

Just give it attention and importance, needed exposure and relevant information for other people and your target market; it won’t be long for the money and the success of your business to be clear in your sight.

Recommend Resources For Starting An Export Business

Starting An Export Export Business – Click Here To Learn More

This book offers you a step-by-step plan on starting and operating your own successful export business. Learn insider’s shortcuts that most people don’t even know exist.

I highly recommend you consider this book as your next step to preparing yourself to start your very own Money Making Export Business.

10) Start Your Own Mural Painting Business

Start Your Own Mural Painting Business

Starting A Decorative Wall Painting Business

Creativity and sheer love for painting and decoration could be the key to your earning success.

Decorative wall painting business is a business with low start-up costs, making this business successful is your desire to succeed, your love for this kind of business, planning, and dedication.

This could be a great opportunity for a career change or just the dream job you have desperately been looking for. If you love doing it then it would never be hard for you on the other hand it would be a very rewarding and enjoyable endeavor.

What You Need To Be A Decorative Wall Painter

This business as many people have misconceptions with it, does not really require any formal education for you to start and succeed.

But getting some background and training may help but utterly not necessary, you can learn and teach on your own and improve through practice and experience.

You don’t have to be an expert but could certainly develop skills for you to earn more money as you serve more people and be more flexible in the things you can do for them.

Practice builds confidence and self-esteem, practice a lot, but start small, try your skills in smaller crafts, vases, pots, and candles which could be great starting mediums you could use to practice, then gradually go to bigger mediums until you are comfortable.

When you feel you are ready to take on walls don’t go painting your walls yet, try to use cartons and big cardboards for practice before going into walls this way you could get a better feel of bigger canvases before actually painting a wall.

The same practice pieces could later be used and compiled as a portfolio, so don’t take your practice pieces for granted, take pictures of them and start building your portfolio.

Perfecting your skill could easily be practiced by decorating your own home, after doing this ask for friends and relatives to let you decorate their home for free, not only are going to get lots of practice and add up the pieces in your portfolio, you also start a good string of marketing.

Your relatives and friends could help out spreading the word of mouth about the new business you are starting.

Don’t get too excited, you also have to focus on marketing your services. Doing so would make your business receive a steady flow of customers and build trust in your capabilities and skills.

Put up a website, this is one of the best marketing mediums you can find today and you could always hire somebody to do the work for you in putting up the site if you don’t have knowledge of doing it yourself.

Internet presence equates to easy access to your business by more people. This way they can also view samples of your work and portfolio.

This also reveals your skills and training therefore already selling your services to people who access your website even before they meet you.

Testimonials could also help attract other clients, having your previous clients input testimonials for you could easily convince other people of the great services you provide.

Growing Your Decorative Wall Painting Business Over Time

Its time to grow and make the business flourish. Make sure to build a lasting impression on customers, this way they could easily remember you when they look at how great their wall has been painted.

Giving clients a thank you gift is also a great idea to make a good relationship with them.

They would happily refer you to their friends and relatives when they are happy with their walls and happier with the bonus that is the gift you give.

Be careful in choosing the gifts you give, giving gifts too expensive could offend them and could instill the impression that the high cost of your services covers the gift.

A great solution for this is making a personalized gift, use mugs and t-shirts and paint it yourself, saying a thank you, that clearly show you value your customer and you are grateful for the patronage of your business.

This could also serve as your advertisement, print logos and website URLs to these gifts so they can visit your site and easily refer to other people.

Be confident in pricing your works and estimates, justify your expenses and labor so that you earn appropriately.

Get customers involved this way they could have a better perception of what you are planning to do and have a picture in their minds of what the end results are.

Telling them how you plan to do the project and guiding them step by step would be a very inviting way to easily convince your clients for a good deal.

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Click Here To Learn More About – How to Start Your Own Decorative Wall Painting BusinessHow to Start Your Own Decorative Wall Painting Business
Written By Sylvia

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11) Starting A Translation Business

Starting A Translation Business

The world of business and marketing was bordered and crippled by the language barrier and was once limited to a public with the same language or even of the same country.

The language that they used to convey their advertising and marketing was in their native tongue and was only limited to it.

But as humans are known in trying to bridge the gaps, people learned and innovated, translation has become a commodity to bring new heights to a business that was previously cornered in their own country.

It was now possible to bring the great news of advertising, product and services promotion to a new level, to another language and most importantly new and additional consumers.

The translation business has become the new gateway to new expansionism. Start your business now and earn more than what you imagined a translator could.

What You Need To Be A Translator

This business requires great skill and knowledge of two languages, first is a native language which would easily be learned since you have grown up with it, and the secondary language that you could learn from other countries or be educated in it through formal study.

You may have some knowledge about two languages but formal education sharpens these skills, and would certainly be easier to be certified to be a translator for the two languages.

Choosing your second language to learn can be very crucial, think of your target market and the it’s potential.

Take for example English being your primary language and French as the second, who or what companies/firms enter your mind that could certainly need your services?

Are there many French nationals in your area that might be in need of your help? Answering these questions help you choose the secondary language to study.

After formal education, you need to start and get your experience in the field of translation.

There are two alternatives to acquire the experience needed until you can go on your own and build your own translation business.

First option would be to join an existing translation agency, there are many agencies that offer positions for translations, depending on what language is your expertise.

The second option would be to go as a freelance, though going into this option might be more difficult, as any firms and translation needy companies would rather go to agencies that are already assuring them of great quality.

Your purpose here is to acquire experience which is what these companies are actually looking for, but you can always try small firms and companies that are willing to try out your skills, which you need to prove and make the necessary impression.

These chances will all be yield great positive marks on your experience in handling numerous and diverse clients.

Another option for freelancing is undergoing non-paying traineeships positions with translation agencies, though they may not pay you, this could be your stepping stone into a regular paid position.

Growing Your Translation Business Over Time

If you are all settled for about a year or so in an agency, you might start considering and planning to start your own translation business.

Gradually lower the time you spend working with the agency and start working on your new business, make sure that your are prepared and have planned your actions well ahead of time.

Start doing freelance work with your acquired experience and credentials, this way you can have a secure and stable income even though you are still starting out your new business.

If you acquire enough clients and establish contacts that you can finally let go of your regular job, do do and start focusing on your own clients.

Advertise and seek clients on your own methods, this way clients would be more willing to try out your service.

Remember that tone and style are very important in this business when translating documents always check with the client the desired tone and style of the target source and target languages.

Translating it may covey a different message, and double-checking this part with the clients would minimize errors in transmission and desired message.

Proof reading is a must and would always make the source and target languages are on the same track and doing the same thing and would only differ in the language.

Build up a website, this way more people and firms can find you easier and be available for contact and business transactions anytime.

If you can manage more people you can start diversifying your business, hire more people that can do more translations in different languages this way you can expand the services you provide.

You can also grow and expand your business in translating medical, industrial and even IT documents.

Work hard and focus on your strengths, hire people that could complement your weaknesses, and you will surely be on the path to success in this kind of business.

Recommend Resources For Starting A Translation Business

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12 ) Starting A Life Coaching Business

Starting A Life Coaching Business

The people of today have evolved lifestyles and the way of life has drastically changed over the years and has become fast-paced and very stressful.

Many people have dedicated their lives into making other people’s lives a lot better.

Being someone who people can talk to, someone that can listen and help them sort over the decision and help them become motivated individuals towards personal and professional development.

These are the Life coaches. Life coaching is a very young profession but also very rewarding financially and emotionally, seeing people succeed with your help simply uplifts your own self-esteem.

What You Need To Be A Life Coach

Becoming a successful life coach is all about getting clients and keeping the flow of your clients by making sure you leave clients satisfied.

Important skills are needed and would certainly be of great help to this profession: Effective listening skills are very important, you need to be always ready to listen to your clients, this is your job, and you act as a sound channel for them to voice out ideas and emotional reactions.

Being able to listen to them and give appropriate advice would help you more comfortable talking and open up conversations too.

Communication is essential in this business and having great interpersonal communication would help you address problems and be better at solving problems, taking out blockages and hindrances to your clients’ happiness and development as a person who strives to be successful.

Being able to empathize with people of varied walks of life would e a determining factor on how well you could understand their situations and how well you can give great advice.

You should also be very willing to be of service to other people, this is the root of the profession, being able to help other people.

You should also be good at intuitive questioning and being able to lead your clients to answers to their own problems, thus guiding them to a path of self-discovery, being able to point out strengths and good qualities that could encourage the person.

A life coach is a partner to ensure success someone who could ridge a person present self-evaluation into the desired and future self of the client.

Formal education is not required in being a life coach, but having some background might help you to get started, a great field to start with is psychology.

The best formula of a great life coach could possibly be education and life experiences, having an education is not enough for going into coaching, having a great deal of experience in life and real situations could simply give you information into what are the best answers, solution, and suggestions you could make by applying what you have learned through experience.

Life coaching can be general but could go into specialized fields of expertise; examples are business, careers, parenting, dating, relationships, disabilities and general life.

Getting your first clients could be difficult but the best thing to do is build a portfolio and keep trying.

When you finally get clients to do your best to give quality service and satisfy them. Get them to write testimonials for you so you can build up your portfolio over time.

Growing Your Life Coaching Business Over Time

Start A Life Coach Business Life coaching is a new industry; there are only two major certifying boards the International Association of Coaches (IAC) and International Coach Federation (ICF).

Knowing that you are capable and can do well in this job, this is certainly not enough. Even though certification may boost your portfolio, this does not assure you a steady flow of clients.

The best thing to do is to rack up your experience and give some time to advertising and marketing.

When you have a good portfolio people would be more interested if people do succeed with your life coaching and how much trust they can give you.

So make your name and service known to give the people a good impression that you are serious about the service you provide.

Practice well; practice can easily be achieved by taking more clients, over time you would simply grow to earn more experience in the field by handling different kinds of people and personalities.

Application to other people’s situations can come very often and would certainly give you a good grip if you already have encountered the same situation before.

Hard work, a lot of motivation, a positive outlook and great communication can ring you success if you just find the time to dedicate yourself in the service of other people.

Recommend Resources For Starting A Life Coaching Business

To Learn About The Life Coach Marketing Bible – Click Here

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13) What You Need To Be A Used Car Salesperson

What You Need To Be A Used Car Salesperson

Getting started on this business doesn’t require a vast amount of knowledge about cars, but it does help.

But if you don’t have it maybe someone you know could help you out on that. It’s not the key to success it only helps you more if you do have the knowledge about cars.

Now if you’re a mechanic that would be another plus, it would lower your refurbishing costs.

What is essential actually is having your capital, then using it with your knowledge or someone’s knowledge of cars and make it work to profit.

If you don’t know about cars at least do some research on ads and newspapers and get a rough idea of how much cars should really cost, either brand new or used.

This way you can easily estimate cars and other vehicles that you might want to buy and later on sell after refurbishing.

You could have someone else do all these things for you and still have enough profit to keep.

But remember that with knowledge, your profit also rises for you to do all the work needed for the whole process of buying up to selling the car.

Growing Your Used Car Business Over Time

When you have gotten your first couple of sales and a bit of profit, you might start thinking of doing it all on your own, but don’t rush everything.

Learn gradually, slowly but surely make your knowledge grow until you could manage everything on your own.

If learning how to become a mechanic might be too much for you then leave that be and just pay someone to do the rough work for you, but remember that maximizing profit is also a priority.

So do everything you can from learning to close a winning deal on a used car, to finding the right persons to make the refurbishing for you and make the necessary marketing for the car, and lastly manage profits and return of investments well to keep you newly found business going.

Make sure to check your local laws, so as to make sure you don’t break any of them.

Some examples of these laws are, in Michigan you are required to have a dealer’s license if you sell more than six cars a year, but in some states the number is different.

Just be informed to avoid complications. Remember that you can put six cars in your titled to your name and other’s name to your wife and/or other relatives. Always check local relevant laws.

But don’t dismiss the notion of making it a bigger business, by buying more and selling more.

A dealer’s license would be needed to make it bigger.

But try out the example given above to give you a better feel, and assess if you could handle more transactions in this kind of business.

As always knowledge is the key to breaking in this business but remember that it doesn’t mean that it has to come from you, you can always learn in the process.

14) Starting An Import Business

Starting An Import Business

The business of importing is a new age kind of business, it has been around for quite a while but the industry is improving with the help of technology.

This business has endless possibilities depending in the products and the target market you desire.

A very popular and rewarding business that is very suited for people that give great attention to detail and loves excitement, this business would also be great for people who love to create new relationships.

This business has great potential in terms of earning a substantial income. Many importers see their job as bridge makers of foreign products and domestic consumer needs.

What You Need To Be An Importer

The first thing to do if you want to be an importer in research and gather information.

Having specific information about products and the target market that you want your product to sell to is important and essential in determining the success of your business.

Seek out help from government agencies, some would provide resources, assistance, and guides to help you start up your business.

Learning the demands in your country and what products would be entertained by consumers would be important in starting this business.

Importing has required applicable taxes, contact your country’s taxation department for details, information, registration numbers, and procedures.

Make contacts to people that would be involved in your business, people locally that would help you in documentation and fulfillment of requirements to introduce foreign products into your country.

Abroad, contact from suppliers and would also be essential to make sure you have fewer hassles in dealing with them.

Calculate the required expenses to determine if you are making a hefty profit, major planning could benefit your business over the course of your investment.

An analysis is critical in this business; first determine the demand in your country, what products are currently needed in your country?

Or what new products when introduced into your country would attract interest and attention?

Then you have to choose and assess foreign products of their quality, availability and general appeal to the public.

Growing Your Import Business Over Time

This business has taken great leaps and is still continuously growing in size.

After you get started on this business, expansion and growth is a great option.

Technology plays a great role in today’s business; the internet has broken down the barriers that hampered the growth of importing.

The internet and online marketing have made importing easier for reducing costs, make new and more contacts, more information that is readily available, better and faster services, and access to more suppliers and lastly easier marketing with access to the online community.

Making your business more accessible online, attracting more prospective distributors and making transactions and deals overseas through would be much easier.

Develop a website for your business. This is almost a sure-fire investment making your business more known, to a lot of firms and other businesses.

Through this technology, you could reach out to your clients and even your suppliers easily.

This avenue will surely give you more options in terms of marketing, communication customer service and more.

This business only takes great relationship building, enthusiasm and the love for meeting demands. Persevere and success would never be too far from where you start.

Recommend Resources For Starting An Import Business

Click Here – To Learn More About Starting An Import Export Business

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15) Starting A Medical Billing Business

Starting A Medical Billing Business

If getting started with a home-based business is what you are looking for then a medical bill coding business might be just right for you.

Medical coders work with hospitals, doctor’s offices and more to code documents for insurance filing purposes.

Medical transcription is the process whereby one accurately and swiftly transcribes medical records dictated by doctors and others, including history and physical reports, clinic notes, office notes, operative reports, consultation notes, discharge summaries, letters, psychiatric evaluations, laboratory reports, x-ray reports and pathology reports.

What You Need To Be A Medical Coder

In medical coding, you may find that you need to do some training first either, a course, class or program and certainly spending money of this can really pay off in the long run.

Many medical coders will be working either for hospitals, doctor’s offices or an independent company even at their offices or from the comfort of their own homes.

Certainly a good medical coder with the right education and experience can expect to earn upwards of $50,000 a year.

Medical coding involves receiving dictation by tape, digital system or voice file, the use of ear/head phones, a foot pedal for start-stop control, a variety of word processing programs and sometimes the use of a printer and a modem.

Today many home based medical transcriptions still deliver their completed work back to the office but with technology being what it is now it’s just as simple to deliver the work via a modem.

If you work of a national company they may require you to use a modem to download and transmit the work.

Growing Your Medical Billing Business Over Time

After getting started don’t stop educating yourself and keep up in innovating yourself and the changing market.

Having knowledge about HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability) is very important and would be essential to keep your business always checked.

Learn how to analyze and optimize proper coding (procedure and diagnosis codes) to avoid rejection & denials.

Even after you have undergone training you should still keep brushing your skills & reviewing what you have learned from your training a sample outline of what training should tackle are the ff:

Medical Terminology, Acronyms, eponyms, abbreviations, Anatomy, Physiology, Laboratory tests and values, Medical procedures and equipment, Drugs, Transcription formatting, Ethics of medical transcription, Research methods and resources, Brush-up typing (if you need it),Brush-up English grammar, Marketing, MT “business” skills.

Recommend Resources For Starting A Medical Coding Business

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16) Starting A Secretarial Services Business

Starting A Secretarial Services Business

This is the new and modern approach to handling paperwork for a business that already hands full in taking care of other responsibilities.

You can take the opportunity to make money by helping these businesses take a load off their shoulders and do their secretarial work for them.

This kind of business has unlimited income potential as long as you want to do the tasks, it the new idea for the traditional job that’s really growing with popularity and worldwide acceptance.

As for the future, there’s no end in sight to the many and varied kinds of work a secretary working at home can do for business owners, managers and sales representatives.

Various surveys indicate that by the year 2,000 – at least 60 percent of all the secretarial work, as we know it today, will be handled by secretaries working at home.

What You Need For A Secretarial Service

The best way to start in this kind of business is getting yourself a computer with internet connection, laser printer and a telephone.

This way it’s easier to contact clients and work faster with the help of computer programs.

But a cheaper alternative would be having an electronic typewriter and a phone. Word processing programs would be very useful for faster completion of secretarial tasks.

The internet would provide you a very vast source of information to help you with any difficulties you might encounter. It also provides communication through e-mail, which also makes file transfers more convenient.

Knowing basic typing and secretarial skills would be very useful and would eventually widen the scope of tasks that you could accomplish, thus also giving you more versatility so clients would prefer you over other secretaries for your broader knowledge and skills.

Having skills in typing, bookkeeping and advertising are a few of the most common skills needed to take on a secretarial job.

When you’re all set up, its time to start advertising your services, start out by calling friends and former colleagues and simply explain the new service you would like to provide.

This is the best and easiest way to advertise your service, spread it by word of mouth.

Growing Your Secretarial Services Business Over Time

After taking some secretarial tasks, never be too comfortable with your situation. Make your service grow by offering better services and more task capabilities.

Never put off the chance to learn more skills, consider it an investment to your business, learning more is offering more to the clients and in turn, would pay better.

You’re selling your capabilities and talents and charging for the time you spend finishing their tasks. Always keep promises, when taking secretarial tasks asses the work and give yourself some allowance and finish the job as promised.

Make your business bigger by acquiring friends who you know have some skills to help your business. Look for people who have day jobs but still need to earn more money.

Even housewives, who have so much time could help you get your business bigger, explain the nature of your work and the equipment needed to get them started.

So the best way is to pay them what the client pays you and just taking a little percentage for giving them the task and acquiring the work for them.

This way you could better accommodate more clients, earn with what you work on and still earn a bit from everyone who gets clients from you.


17) Starting An Office Cleaning Business

Starting An Office Cleaning Business

Manufacturing is down or going overseas. And selling your own product takes a heck of a lot of money just to get started.

Starting a cleaning business takes little cash and little energy to start making money right away.

It’s a service business — which is the type of business you should be looking at in today’s economy.

Just pick up the paper and check out where the economy is heading. Starting a service business nowadays is one of the most efficient ways to earn.

Your potential customers are not simply businesses that occupy “office” space.

Rather, your customers are on every corner and in locations like hospitals, stores, hotels, and other types of buildings cleaned on a regular basis.

Some cleaning companies only do cleaning, while others offer a full range of other duties and diversify (always a good idea) and include services such as equipment cleaning and even maintenance and janitorial servicing (fix leaky faucets, empty trashcans, fill towel dispensers, etc.).

What You Need To Be A Commercial Office Cleaner

A commercial office cleaning business can often make very healthy profits, sometimes up and over six figures a year.

Typically you won’t see this working alone, where a range of $35-$50,000 a year is more typical. The higher profits come from larger accounts and by promoting the “add-on” services.

To get started quickly and without spending a lot of cash, you can start an office cleaning business with the basics.

A Glass cleaner, all-purpose (strong) cleaner and a regular vacuum cleaner, like one from home.

Because this is really a service business and startup equipment is minimal (to get going), you can typically get rolling for less than $200.

Don’t forget this reminders when starting up this new business: Decide whether you’re going to work at home or lease an office space. Don’t forget to apply for the necessary licenses.

Open a bank account under your business name. Obtain appropriate insurances. Develop a website it will give your business a boost.

Growing Your Office Cleaning Business Over Time

Most of where your budget should be spent on marketing in the beginning.

Targeted direct mail sales letters will allow you to speak personally to your prospective clients and will help you set-up sales without having to make those cold calls we all hate.

Begin marketing your business. Your business plan includes a marketing plan so use this as your guide.

Your initial marketing may include direct mail pieces, ads in the local paper or radio, and perhaps a banner ad on a complimentary website.

Think about developing alliances with other local businesses.

Make sure that everyone you know realizes that you have a new business. Send out postcards or letters announcing your new business to friends, family and business acquaintances.

You have to convince future clients that you provide the services they need at an acceptable price.

Once you have a few clients serviced, get testimonials from them that you can use to convince other prospective clients that they need your services.

Starting your own cleaning business is a path you must be patient with, but can be extremely rewarding and profitable.

Taking the time to plan, organize and understand your competition will help you to become aware of how your cleaning business can best serve the needs of businesses in the area.

Taking the time to do things right before getting the first client on board will help to make sure your business is successful.

Recommend Resources For Starting A Wedding Planning Business

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The Kit tells how anyone can start or expand their own office cleaning business with little or no money. Complete with ready to use documents in an easy to understand format.

18 ) Starting A Consulting Business

Starting A Consulting Business

The world of business is always looking for that edge, that thing that sets them apart from all of the rest.

If you’ve been in management or just seem to have a good grasp of finding flaws and making suggestions on how to fix them, you might already have the perfect way to make money.

Business consultants are those that try to help businesses with their weaknesses to turn them into strengths.

They aren’t necessarily running the businesses, but they are helped to shape and guide a cloudy vision, all while getting to make money for themselves.

This business might start out as simply as sending out business cards or flyers to announce the sorts of work that you can do for a company as well as the businesses that you are experienced in.

As you make money and learn more, you will be able to expand this ‘menu’ of services.

What You Need To Be A Business Consultant

The best part about business consultancy as a way to make money is that the initial investment is very low.

The main focus of your business at the beginning is to recruit clients to your services. You might want to offer a free consultation and then you can charge for the services that you offer after that trial phase.

You will just need a piece of paper or a computer program into which you can type your thoughts and your suggestions for a business.

You make money by charging for the time that you spend getting to know a business and how it works. Take the time to observe all of the inner workings of the business before you start to make suggestions.

After you have done your observation, you can go back to a computer program and type up your recommendations as well as a timelines for the changes that you are proposing.

You may want to show a sample of the changes as the trial, but then you make money from the business’ acceptance of these suggestions and then the plan from you as to how to implement them.

You will then work with the company to see how things can improve for their business. And you will make money by charging on an hourly scale for your time and effort.

Some of the time you can help the business over the phone or by email as well, making this a highly flexible and lucrative business.

Try to recruit clients in the beginning so that you can start to make money.

You may find that you need to invest in various software programs or other ways to present your suggestions, but in the beginning, it’s not necessary.

Most home computers have plenty of programs that you can use.

Growing Your Consulting Business Over Time

You can only make money with business consulting as long as you have clients, so it’s essential that you continue to amass clients even when you are busy.

You want to have a steady stream of clients that need your services so that you can continuously be working as you advertise for more.

You also might want to set up a system of going back to old clients to be sure that they are still working at the capacity that they wished to be.

You can make money with this by offering a reduced rate for your services as they have already had the initial assessment.

Get favorable testimonials from your previous clients as well as numbers reflecting how you have helped their business grow.

Getting these figures and facts will help you make money with new clients as well as help to reassess old clients as needed

Recommend Resources For Starting A Consulting Business

Learn more about Start Consulting: Your Guide to a Successful Future in Consulting – Click Here

To learn all the ins and outs that will make you a great consultant I highly recommend you consider this book.

It provides consultant-specific tips, tools, and techniques on subjects ranging from marketing and pricing to building long-term relationships with clients and partners.

The book is filled with insightful do and don’ts based on the authors 17 years of experience in the field, and those of many other professionals.

19) Starting A Gift Basket Business

Starting A Gift Basket Business

If you’re the creative type that likes to make things for others, you might want to think about trying to make money by assembling gift baskets.

Gift baskets are a perfect way to celebrate all kinds of occasions as well as increase your income.

Whether you make money by pre-assembling gift baskets to be sold or by making them order, gift baskets are a business that is certainly popular.

You might make baskets for baby showers, wedding showers, birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, and many others. Or you might find that your customers want you to make holiday baskets that complement a special dinner or perhaps a basket that just says that they care.

What You Need To Make Gift Baskets

If you’re going to be making gift baskets that are similar in the items that they contain, you will want to have an ample stock of these items in your home as well as a place to assemble the baskets.

You make money by having these baskets ready to deliver or to send to the recipient, so you will need to have them ready before you begin to advertise.

Try to advertise in areas where people might already be looking for gifts.

This might include baby stores and other retail outlets. You can make money by allowing customers to personalize their gifts rather than just buying something and wrapping it up to give.

You might want to create a brochure that includes all of the baskets that you can make as well as the items that you have on hand to include in the baskets.

Realize that while you want to make money, you do need to have items that are things that a customer wants as well as wants to give to someone else.

Find high-quality items that can go well with many occasions—food items are always good as well as bath lotions and salts.

Another thing that you will need to invest in is quality baskets. You need to have various sizes and shapes of gift baskets in order to accommodate the gift baskets that will make money for you.

Think about the items that you are trying to place in them as well as the wrapping that you will be doing.

To make money for more occasions, you should have decorations for the baskets in all colors and styles. It never hurts to have something for every taste.

Growing Your Gift Basket Business Over Time

As you begin to learn what your customers want, you might want to increase the items that will make you money.

Think about what your customers have been asking you for and try to provide new ways of presenting it in the gift baskets that you are making.

You will also want to change and add to your gift basket options in order to get customers to return for more orders to make money for your business.

Not only do you want them to buy gift baskets for birthdays, but you also want them to buy for weddings, showers, and any other special day.

You may also want to consider having seasonal baskets that can make money during special ‘rush’ times like Christmas and Easter.

Try to think of ways to create something that is simple and quick for customers to order when they don’t have a lot of time.

You will also want to include pictures of new baskets that you have made to show to customers.

By always staying creative and new, you can make money from old customers that want to give something to a previous recipient of your baskets.

Gift baskets are a fun way to make money as well as give your customer something special to give to someone else.

Recommend Resources For Starting A Gift Basket Business

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