1) Starting A Cake Decorating Business

Starting A Cake Decorating Business

Cake decorating is a great option for people who want a home based business.

This is a business that would surely fit someone who loves cake decoration and haves fun doing it.

Celebrations are numerous and usually have cakes in them, you could name them all: birthdays, weddings and anniversaries the list goes on and all of these occasions have use cakes.

This information tells us that cakes are very much in demand but many people don’t have the knowledge or even the time to spend to make these beautiful and delicious cakes.

They would even go to the extent of paying for the service and product for their convenience. If you think you can provide that service or product start your business now.

What You Need To Be A Cake Decorator

Staring this business doesn’t require formal education. However, acquiring an MBA online degree can be a convenient, informative way of gaining confidence before entering the business world.

This is a very simple and fun business to star, having an oven or microwave is already a good start but having background or simple knowledge of cooking and baking already makes you a step closer to getting this business going.

If you need formal education, look for trade schools in your locality that offer these courses and enroll and learn as much as you can. Some training and seminars are abundant in the internet.

The things you need to get started are a small capital, to get instruments and ingredients you need in baking and decorating. Research before you get started, plan ahead and set goals for the business.

Resources are abundant in the internet; you can look for what utensils and tools you need for decorating and baking. You can purchase these tools in your local department stores and groceries or in the internet.

Practice your craft and have it tested by friends and relatives. Ask for their criticisms about the decorations in the cake this way you can improve your skills faster by listening to comments and suggestions.

When you are ready to sell your works, it would be easier to spread your new business by word of mouth.

A good start might be occasions and celebrations in the family or with friends, offer your services for free and they would happily accept it as a gift, just tell them to spread the word of your new business.

Market and advertise your services, start out with local newspapers and flyers. When you get your first customers, make sure you give it your best, first impressions are always important, leave them a great mark and they would happily come back for your services and even advertise your services to their family and friends.

Growing Your Cake Decorating Business Over Time

Start A Cake Decorating Business Today When you’re on the right track and have gotten started on the business with a few customers, don’t stop there.

Make your business grow, the key to this is reaching more people in your community and informing them of the cake decoration business you have.

The best way to do this is to locate possible distributors in your area. This way you can eliminate the possibility of an expensive store front and keep working in the comfort of your home.

Look for coffee shops, bookstores and even boutiques that are willing to let you display your creations in their shops for a commission.

Start networking and contacting with wedding planners, this way they could get you to work on the cakes every time they receive a project for a wedding.

The same goes for event and party planners, since cakes are a great part of events and celebrations it’s always better to contact people who organize them.

Another option to advertise your products is sponsoring local events, church activities, fund raisers, business openings by offering free sample products.

This way they could try and sample your cakes then providing them your contact information, these people are probable clients and customers and having them try your products would make it easier to convince them to buy your products for their occasions.

This business is fueled by your love for baking cake decoration and seeing people enjoy what you have made.

Be determined and have great respect for what you do, value your customers and aim to satisfy and you would surely be on the track to success with the money in your pockets.

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Colette's Cakes: The Art of Cake Decorating

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This book will provide you with step by step instructions on useful practical advice and tips to help you learn to bake and decorate cakes along with running a cake decorating business.

I highly recommend you consider this book as your next step to preparing yourself to start your very own Money Making Cake Decorating Business.

2) Starting A Catering Service Business

Catering Service Business

Everyone needs to eat and everyone likes to eat and celebrate at the same time. In order to make money from this trend, you can start your own catering service to help those celebratory meals be a little easier on everyone.

A catering service isn’t about a white van and gourmet meals necessarily, but it can make money due to the fact that you are preparing meals for a client that doesn’t necessarily have the time to cook for a party or doesn’t want to spend a lot of money on an expensive restaurant. That’s where you come in.

You might find that you can make money on everything from small dinners to lavish weddings with your catering service. And in both cases, you can help to make the night (or day) one to remember.

What You Need To Be A Caterer

To start a catering service, you will need to have the right equipment to make the foods that will make you money.

Much like other businesses though, you do not need to buy these at the beginning, but rather invest in basic tools to start and then add on as needed.

You can follow the same approach for kitchen appliances as well that might be needed for certain recipes.

Depending on the extent of your catering service, you may want to invest in dishes and other serving utensils and dinnerware, though it may work perfectly well to rent these items as needed.

You can make money by offering to pick up these dishes and platters as you deliver the food as well.

You will want to have a professional looking uniform if you will be in the presence of guests as you run your catering service.

This is great advertising to make money in the future and also shows that you are serious about your business. Think about good shoes too as you will be running around a lot to prepare the meals.

Other things that can help you make money in your catering service include menus of the items that you will make as well as prices, plenty of basic spices, a large enough car to transport meals as well as heating and cooling devices to keep the food fresh if it has been prepared before arriving at the party location.

Growing Your Catering Service Business Over Time

Of course you can make money with the additional of recipes and occasions to your overall business design.

Some like to include wedding cakes into their wedding reception menus or include a cake and food for the bridal shower as well.

Try to think about all of the ways that you can help a customer with a bigger event. If that means that you help with coordinating the beverages as well, that can certainly work to your business’ advantage.

Versatility and quality are the key components when you want to make money from catering.

Make sure that you know about special restricted diets as well so that everyone’s tastes can be properly accounted for, including diabetic, low carbohydrate, high protein, vegan, and vegetarian.

Try to set up a nutritional chart so that a customer can refer to it when they want to know the specifics of what you’re making.

You might also want to create a catering business that will make money by providing individual dinners for families that don’t have the time to cook.

You can set up meals that can be either warmed or ready to serve at a particular time so that no family has to go without a good home cooked meal and settle for pizza or fast food.

Catering is a great way to have fun as you make money so start looking through your cookbooks today to see what you can cook up.

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How to Start a Home-based Catering Business

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The book includes all of the necessary forms that are needed to operate a catering business including many financial forms,
example business letters and a complete business plan.

I highly recommend you consider this book as your next step to preparing yourself to start your very own Money Making Catering Business.

3) Starting A Restaurant Business

Starting A Restaurant Business

The prospect of starting in the food business is not a new fad or craze; it has been a very long run.

Some are successful and break the market but some are not very lucky.

Starting a new restaurant business is a good idea, as long as you can get it all planned, handled and managed well.

There are many things to consider when you desire to own and manage your own restaurant.

The idea of profit is not farfetched, as long as you get the right help and assistance while you start and get it rolling into a growing business venture.

What You Need To Be to own a Restaurant

First of all you have to plan out the business you want to start, you have to be prepared long before day 1 is set for the opening of your business.

Research heavily about the market you are about to enter, this subject is not a small bundle of knowledge, there are so much information that you have to gather and analyze in order to strategically plan a good business action.

You have to learn about the competition in your area, more importantly you have to understand your target market in order to serve them better.

Overall design of the establishment, researching what the trends and making your concept unique but still caters to the feel of the customers.

Researching about your menu is also essential to your success for your main service in through your food.

Knowing who to hire to make your business run is also important; getting the right people to work for you may spell your success or failure.

Management is also a key to running your business, when you get through in getting your business started; you have to have manage it well into making it a selling success.

If you cannot handle legal aspects ask for help and advice. Employees also need to be given attention, learn who and when to hire, make a proper fit in job descriptions when hiring.

Give great attention into training them for customer service. Take into consideration what you have planned before, and incorporate the employees in your vision.

Make a system that would allow a good flow of order taking and how the orders are processed until it gets to the customer.

Make human resources as your prime assets, value them and make them happy in a way that they would be enjoying what they do, this way the may reflect those feelings to their work attitudes.

Growing Your Restaurant Business Over Time

If you got the ball rolling keep it going. Look for things that could be improved.

Look at the problems that you encounter and look for the possible answers and where they actually root.

Good scheduling and time management of work and personnel will also smoothen the pace and workload to be accomplished.

If you have established a good menu from the start, don’t stick to it all through out, innovate and introduce more dishes or menus you can either rotate it or just add up to your existing menu.

Flexibility is always an advantage when it comes to managing restaurants.

Marketing and promotion have been planned even before you have started, thus giving you a head start in informing about your restaurant, but don’t limit yourself with your plans as you grow, e flexible and adjust to the situations you have at present.

The best way to get your restaurant advertised is through your customers, when they are satisfied with the food and service they would be more than happy to recommend it to their friends and relatives.

Give good service and continue promoting and advertising your restaurant in the yellow pages and newspaper ads, an you would surely see effects that would usually rake in the money.

Recommend Resources For Starting A Restaurant Business

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Top Secrets to Making the Most of Successful Restaurant Operations

This book will provide you with step by step instructions on useful practical advice and tips to help you open and run a restaurant with good results.

I highly recommend you consider this book as your next step to preparing yourself to start your very own Money Making Restaurant Business.

4) Starting A Cookie Making Business

Starting A Cookie Making Business

Cookies are delightful treats for the young and old, and has been around for quite some time to give fun and happiness and sweet memories to people.

Baking cookies has also been considered a great hobby and pastime. But this pastime has also been considered a great business to start with a little investment and your desire and love for making good and delicious cookies.

What You Need To Be A Cookie Maker

Starting this business would require some background in baking, though formal education is not required it would also be a good start in this business to have some experience in cooking and baking.

But don’t be discouraged, having great desire to learn, you could easily learn the basics with practice.

Manuals and learning modules are abundant in the internet and are just waiting to be discovered and read to be tried and practiced.

Recipes are the next thing that you need to have, look for recipes in the internet, ones that you can practice making and experiment with, but what is important is knowing and learning the basics of baking cookies.

The next thing to do is innovate, make your own cookie recipe, do this by either combing techniques that you notice are good in different recipes, or inventing a whole new recipe.

Take into account presentation, for this is what makes your cookies more enticing and delectable.

Make your cookies in a unique way, so you can ignite interest from the people and give them more mystery and curiosity to try out your product.

Start out by practicing and letting your friends and relatives try out your new cookies, ask for comments and criticisms.

This is a good way to start your business, not only you are testing your products, you are letting them know about your new business.

This is always a good way to start, by helping make the news known through word of mouth.

The next part part of making this business earn for you is making it relevant, known to people through advertising and marketing.

Make your moves count into making profit by making your product noticed by your target market. Start advertising, you can start out with your local neighborhood.

Word of mouth is great for starters but don’t rely on it, consider it gravy for your hard work, it comes along as you provide customers with quality products and they are satisfied and delighted that they would recommend it to their friends and relatives.

Put out flyers and mail endorsement ads, you could also use some investing in tabloid ads, and even local radio airtime, if your have enough to invest in it. Taking this steps for your business would surely pay off with profits.

Growing Your Cookie Baking Business Over Time

After you have established a starting consumer base, its time to make your business grow, don’t stop if you think you are earning and succeeding in this business.

This business has great potential to grow and there are many alternative methods that you can choose.

You could try a cookie delivery business, giving your clients the comfort of just calling you and the cookies will be delivered to their door.

You could also try made to order cookies which could be decorated depending to the specifications of the client. You could also try out making more than just cookies, you can make other baked pastries to add up to your already selling cookies.

Looking to make your business grow, consider building up a website or pay someone to put up one for you. The benefits of a website would be great for your business, firstly, you become more accessible to contact through your website.

A website also acts as another advertisement and marketing strategy for your business. You can put information about your products and the services you can provide clients.

Making your business grow would also mean you would need more manpower and human resources, consider this first before even making moves into growing your business.

Who and what do you actually need for your business, make sure you hire quality personnel and assets that could add up to your market value and profit potential.

Recommend Resources For Starting A Cookie Baking Business

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This is a great site to get a few hot cookie recipes to get your business started.

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5) Starting A Bed and Breakfast Business

Starting A Bed and Breakfast Business

When someone is traveling and they want a different experience from the same old hotel scene, a bed and breakfast can be a perfect way to enjoy a little more charm and a lot more privacy.

Honeymoons and anniversaries are often celebrated in a bed and breakfast because of the quiet and the seclusion. So if you’re looking to make money from giving someone a place to stay, a bed and breakfast can be a great business.

A bed and breakfast is just a way of providing accommodations to travelers in your area. If you live in a high tourist area or near to one, it can be a great way to make money.

You provide a bedroom as well as various amenities for your guests as well as food and entertainment if you so desire. But it’s the charm that you provide that makes a bed and breakfast a great place to stay.

What You Need For A Bed & Breakfast

The most important thing that you need to make money with a bed and breakfast is an extra room or two at your home.

Those that have larger homes might find that this is an easy thing to provide, while others might find that they need to add onto their existing house.

Of course, if you want to make money with a bed and breakfast, it’s generally best that you use what resources you already have, rather than investing a large amount of money right at the start.

A child that has gone away to college might have a spare room in your house that you can rent out during specific times of the year, or you can convert a living room into a lush bedroom.

To be competitive and make money with a bed and breakfast, you’ll need to supply the room with everything a couple or traveler will need.

This means that you will need to have a television and phone in each room as well as ample space for a comfortable bed and area for clothes to be stored.

And it’s the small touches that can really add to the ambiance of a bed and breakfast. Some business owners like to have several rooms available, all with different themes that are reflected in the décor.

You will also want to have maps and tourist guides for the area so that your guests can explore the city and surrounding attractions.

You can make money by providing the names of local restaurants and attractions and offering to set up plans for your guests.

Growing Your Bed and Breakfast Business Over Time

As your bed and breakfast’s popularity grows, you will want to add on the charm to make money.

Many bed and breakfast rooms will include a honeymoon suite that might have a Jacuzzi or hot tub in the room as well as various snacks and treats.

Some business owners like to include a bottle of champagne, glasses, and chocolates as a welcome treat to the newlyweds.

For anniversaries, you might make money by providing special dinner coupons or other activity plans.

Create a private deck for that anniversary room so that the couple can enjoy their stay in privacy. A private entryway can also be a great feature to promote so that couples can come and go as they please.

The way to make money with a bed and breakfast is to recognize what your guests want and need when they are staying with you.

Be friendly and accommodating, but never overbearing. It should feel as though the travelers are staying with a friend rather than at a hotel.

Show off your area’s charm and you’re sure to make a profit.

Recommend Resources For Starting A Bed and Breakfast Business

Starting a Bed and Breakfast Start-Up Guide Kit™

This book has the information you will need to start and run a successful bed and breakfast business. It offers many pointers that even aspiring Innkeepers will find useful.

It also includes forms and business letters that are essential to starting a bed and breakfast.

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