1) Starting A Ghost Writing Business

If you are comfortable writing, ghost writing might help you earn some income.

A ghostwriter is someone who writes articles just like this one and sells them to those interested in publishing them on the net.

It’s actually selling what you write, including the rights to the article and now giving authority to the customer, over the article which was bought from you.

One way to write for money that is highly in demand is to write articles for webmasters. This is one that does not require any special writing skills.

If you can write an article like this one you can be successful in this business. Just create a small sales page or announce your service in outsource programs.

All you need to do once you receive the order is do a little research on the topic and write an article similar to this one on the subject.

You can make anywhere from five dollars to fifty dollars per article doing this.

What You Need To Be A Ghost Writer

In ghost writing you only need some basic writing skills and the patience to research subjects that clients want you to write about.

Simple knowledge of operating PC to create and publish your articles is also needed.

Choosing a method of payment, and considering the convenience of your clients are critical. Setting all this up before you start looking for prospective clients would be essential.

The next thing you should consider in Ghost writing is attracting clients. Advertising would make or break your business venture.

One of the best ways to get started is to create a small sales page and advertise on pay per click advertising programs like Google adwords.

With this type of advertising you create an ad and when someone is searching for a ghostwriter your ad will pop up on the sponsored search area.

If you prefer another method of advertising your ghostwriter business you have other options.

You can join forums that relate to ghostwriters and put your link in the signature block.

This way every post you make is a free advertisement for your service.

You can start off with one or two good customers and if you do a good job they will refer your ghostwriter service to their friends.

Growing Your Ghost Writing Business Over Time

When you have already started your ghost writing business, keeping it afloat with new ideas to expand your business would be very important in keeping the income flowing.

Be innovative and embrace new concept in marketing and advertising your services.

Look for other ways in which you can use your writing skills. Here are some tips to help you grow further:

Expand your ghost writing horizons by including:

  • Magazine or newspaper editorials
  • Online blog content
  • How-to instruction books (celebrity recipe book, for example)
  • Website content

In addition to ghost writing, offer freelance and creative writing services as part of your business portfolio. Depending on your level of experience, you may also want to provide consulting services to help new authors get into the business.

When it comes down to it there are many ways to be successful being a ghostwriter.

Taking action is the key, remember you do not have to be experienced or have a special talent in writing in order to profit from this. Create a plan, do a little research and stick with it.

Recommend Resources For Starting A Ghost Writing Business

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How To Become a Ghostwriter Online

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Written By Marg McAlister

This book will show you a step by step plan on how to use your skills with words to rake in top dollars as a ghostwriter. I highly recommend you consider this book as your next step to preparing yourself to start making money as a ghost writer.

2) Starting A Medical Writing Career

As medical writer you can work in medicine without actually practicing it and become part of one of the fastest growing industries in the world.

You can earn a six-figure income as a medical writer. If you are in the medical field already or are a writer, you may be looking for a career change. Becoming a medical writer may be just the profession you are looking to enter.

As the 21st Century is beginning to be filled with medical wonders able to treat illnesses and improve the quality of life for humankind, it is evident that more medical writers will be needed to help physicians, scientists and researchers tell their stories.

This will lead to many career opportunities for medical writers.

What You Need To Be A Medical Writer

To become a medical writer you need to be trained in medical terminology. You should take some courses in pharmacology and statistics to develop your medical terminology terms.

Contact universities or colleges to see if they offer medical writing courses.

Become familiar with medical websites which offer an abundance of medical information.

You need to develop regimented writing practices. Medical writing requires judgment, exactness and organizational skills.

Perhaps, you would like to work part-time when you are getting started to help gain experience in medial writing.

There are many opportunities available for both part-time and full-time employment.

There is a variety of employment paths to follow as a medical writer; here are only a few options:

  • You can work as a freelance writer in the medical field,
  • You can gain employed in a hospitals, medical equipment companies or pharmaceutical businesses,
  • Work in healthcare centers, especially in research,
  • Medical associations, mainly those that produce journals and newsletters,
  • Medical schools, research facilities, and other academic institutions.

You have to examine all the options available and pick the one that is most suited to what you want in your medical writing career.

Concentrating on a particular field would also be to your advantage. Then you could branch out into different areas after you are established in the business.

Growing Your Medical Writing Career Over Time

Start A Medical Writing Career It is very important to continually update your skills.

You can do this by attending conferences, taking courses, referring to writing guidebooks, reading good articles created by first-class medical writers and learn from them.

It would be to your definite advance to interact with other writers; which could in turn, help you find prospective markets and help strengthen your writing skills.

To earn more money as a medical writer, you can increase your volume of work completed by hiring freelance medical writers to work for you. Thus, you would be able to accept a much heavier work load.

By improving your research and methodical aptitude, you will be in constant demand for medical writing opportunities.

Recommend Resources For Starting A Delivery Business

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This is a membership web site that can help you get money to start your Delivery business from the US government. They offer help in finding out about thousands of dollars in grants and low interest loans to help new businesses get started.

I highly recommend you consider this service as your next step to preparing yourself to start your very own Money Making Delivery Business.


3) Start An Online Book Selling Business

If you find that your shelves are overflowing with books that you never read, you might want to make money by selling them.

Web sites like Amazon and others offer simple ways to create a book selling business that can reap large profits.

And it doesn’t take anything to get started.

In a book selling business, you need to stay competitive to make money. This means that your books need to be in good shape and be competitively priced.

You can look at other sellers of your books to see what they are charging, careful not to undercharge and lose money, in order to price fairly for the consumer and yourself.

What You Need To Sell Used Books Online

To become an online bookseller, you can either make money through sites like Amazon, or you can start your own web site on your own or through an auction site.

You want to find where the book buying audience is going and then set up your business there.

This is why book selling sites are usually the best places to start, even if they charge a small fee for each transaction.

And of course, you’ll need used books in order to make money. You can clear out the shelves of your house as well as go to garage sales and other places where books are sold for cheaper prices.

Local libraries usually have book sales a few times per year at a discounted rate, plus the condition of the books is usually much better than at thrift stores.

But you’ll need to choose titles and authors that people will want to buy. Famous authors are usually easy to find and easy to sell, so you may want to focus on those.

Of course, you can also make money from popular books that have recently been published. You might want to find wholesale retailers of these kinds of books so that you don’t have to pay the larger listed price.

To store these books that will make money for you, you can set up a desk or even a closet in your house. You don’t need to have a large selection always on hand because your customers will only be choosing the ones that you list and already have on hand.

When you want to make money quickly, it’s helpful to have shipping supplies on hand so that you can immediately ship your books to the customer as soon as you’re notified of the payment.

You can also purchase a postage scale as well as postage printing supplies so that you can avoid the post office and extra shipping costs.

Growing You Online Book Selling Business Over Time

When you want to continue a business like this that will make you money, it’s safe to say that you will need to buy books on a fairly regular basis.

But you don’t have to limit it to what you have at home, and you can buy items from various location or look to relatives for books that they want to get rid of.

And many of these book selling sites also allow you to sell VHS and DVDs that you no longer watch.

So if you have a collection of old, but in good condition movies, you can make money by putting them on the site as well.

Just be sure that they are in good condition and that they play all the way through. Music is often sold on these sites as well.

Book selling is a lucrative business because you can make money while you offer customers what they really want—books that are much cheaper than regular book stores.

Recommend Resources For Starting An Online Book Selling Business

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Insider’s Guide To Selling Books On Amazon
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This book will take you by the hand and show you step by step how to create your very own book selling business using the Amazon book selling model.

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4) Starting A Resume Writing Business

A Resume Writing Business Resume writing doesn’t seem to be a legitimate business for a lot of people, but when you stop to think about it, most everyone needs a resume at some point in their lives.

Whether young or old, the right resume can mean a better job or just a foot in the door. And you can make money with resume writing as a home business.

Resume writing is done by meeting with a customer either on the phone, online or in person to see what kind of job they are applying for and what qualifications they have.

Using this information, you will make money by creating several resumes that they can use at various job interviews.

When you charge for the time that you spend on creating the well-written and formatted resume, you will make money quickly and easily without a lot of start up costs.

What You Need To Start A Resume Writing Business

To start a resume writing business that will make money for you, you need to have a current computer with a good word processing system.

Many of these programs already have resume writing templates in them, so all you may need to do is enter the information that a client has given you.

If not, there are many resume writing programs online that you can download or services that can help guide you with various situations.

And as long as you have a way to contact the client—Internet or phone—you are ready to make money with resume writing.

You might want to invest in a book that can give you various formats for individual industries as they can vary from business to business.

This book will give you the right order in which to place qualifications as well as industry specific things that need to be included.

You might want to invest in a tape recorder to get your client’s voice and demeanor on the record as well.

With this kind of personal information, you will be able to craft a resume and even a cover letter that will not only make money for you, but it will also sound like the client did the writing for themselves.

This is very important as the client is the one that will be going into the interview to talk about their resume and not you.

Growing Your Resume Writing Business Over Time

When it comes to your resume writing business, there are more ways to make money.

You might want to offer classes in how to write a great cover letter or how to search for jobs.

With this instruction, you can teach clients how to get the job that they want as well as give yourself some advertising to get resume writing assignments.

You might also want to make money by offering individual interview coaching.

If you feel that you have superior interview skills and that you know what an interviewer will want to hear, you can arrange to sit down with a client after writing their resume and start to work on the kinds of questions that might be asked of them.

This can be a lucrative business as you might spend a lot of time with each client and make money by taking resume writing to the next level.

With resume writing, you can stick with the basic of assembling a good resume to make money or you can advance your services in the realm of overall job coaching.

In any case, you can create a business that is worthwhile to your clients as well as to the companies that they are hoping to work for.

Recommend Resources For Starting A Resume Writing Business

Learn More About The Resume and Cover Letter Secrets – Click Here

Resume and Cover Letter Secrets
Written By Kevin Donlin

This book will teach you how to write professional quality resumes and cover letters.

The author of this book has written and edited more than 4,273 resumes and cover letters, and knows what it takes to create professional quality resumes.

This book will give you the knowledge and confidence needed to write resumes and cover letters for your new resume writing business.

5) Starting A Self Publishing Business

Read About Self Publishing If you have always thought about writing for a living or have written things that you think people would like, why wait for publishers to notice your queries and your submissions?

You can make money by turning to self publishing as a business and reap the rewards of your work being sold to and read by your customers.

You can simply set up a web site that advertises all of the books and publications that you are selling.

It doesn’t have to be overly complicated, but it should present your publications in a clear and enticing manner.

You want to grab your potential reader’s attention with snippets of the books so that they want to buy them. And by buying them, you can make money without any work.

What You Need To Be A Self Publisher

To begin a self publishing business to make money, you need to have a title to sell. And there are two ways to go about creating your stock of books.

You can either write the books yourself, researching popular titles and themes to write about, or you can have a freelance writer do this for you.

You can go to several different writing sites to search for a freelance writer that will write a book that will make money for your business.

And true, you will have to pay the writer for their efforts; it can save you time down the road because you aren’t spending your days writing.

Leave the work to someone else. Or ask for submission for your site, giving a small profit to the original author, but keeping a percentage for your self.

Next, you will need to set up a web site that is crafted to make money for your books. This will include the titles as well as summaries of the books that you are offering.

You will also want to include ways for customers to purchase your books from this web site.

You may want to hire a web page designer at this stage in order to be sure that your customers will enjoy the presentation as well as be able to make purchases safely.

Again, this step too may cost money, but in the end, a well-designed web site pays for itself.

Because your web site will be able to take orders without your input, you can make money while you’re sleeping or when you’re away.

Some business owners also like to create fax machine orders for customers that aren’t comfortable with Internet ordering.

Growing Your Self Publishing Business Over Time

The best way to continue to make money with a self publishing business is to continuously add titles to your web site.

This means that as you learn what your customers are buying, you want to put more of the same kinds of books on your site.

You may even want to create a suggestion feature so that you can learn what kinds of books people are shopping for so that you can meet that demand.

Another way to increase profits and make money is to offer a downloadable version of each of the books that are for sale.

This allows your customers to print out or save the books if they choose, rather than having the need to print and ship them to the customers.

And it’s faster for the customer as well because they can get their book as soon as their payment clears.

With self publishing, you can see your words in print and make money for your hard work.

And with the low start up cost and wide market, self publishing is becoming one of the most popular ways to make money with your computer.

Recommend Resources For Starting A Self Publishing Business

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How To Write, Publish and Market Your Own Money-Book Launch Formula
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This book shows aspiring authors and publishers how you can sidestep the dysfunctional traditional publishing model and write, publish, market and sell your own books and eBooks profitably via Internet channels.

This eBook will show you everything you need to know to create your own book or eBook and then publish and distribute it using the little known, but highly effective, Online Publishing Model.

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